Mingfang47 is a Soldier in the clan. Mingfang47 was invited by darrenong85, who he first met in public battle in Serene Coast as tier 5 SU-8, since November 4, 2012.

In WoT gameplayEdit

Mingfang47 specialized in Soviet SPG and German Tank Destroyer. Abides the rules (Priorities, Survival, etc.) of SPG. And as Tank Destroyer, he prefers long sniping and heavy punisher support.

Currently in his garage: SU-8, SU-14, Pz. 1C, T1 Cunningham, JagdPanther, Ferdinand, Grille, M36 Jackson, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, & AMX 105AM.

WoT modEdit

- Locastan's Enhance HD minimap mod with additives by sentinel802311 from mirtankov[dot]net

- 9975 novui letnyi angar garage hanger from mirtankov[dot]net

- Historical Realism Gun Sound

- Grandpa's 4 level Sniper mode from curse[dot]com

- Hitbox mod provided by wotdb team

- Locastan's Statistics mod

Personal LifeEdit

Born on June 28, 1992. He is a Taiwanese-Filipino. He uses basic Tagalog as means of communication, fluent in English, and in favor studying Japanese, but neglected Mandarin.

Currently studying BS Computer Science in University of the East, Manila Campus. He specialized Computer Ethics, Computer Troubleshooting, Software Engineering, and Networking. He's favorite subjects are History, English, Politics, Logic, Economics and Law. He has good passion for Law and Politics, which motivates himself to take up Law School in near future despite disagreement with his Parents.

Lee was a special-assigned Officer for GakUEn-REALM since November 2012 to March 2013, now as elected Secretary for the said organization. He have interest in anime, manga, and Japan-related content.