Fate Testarossa, my favourite anime character

Brandon Lim Wei Quan, aka xDartharusx. Invited by zul_max88.

WoT playstyleEdit

Heavy Tanks- NO FEAR! CHARGE!

Medium Tanks- Wait for opening and strike

Light Tanks- sit in bush watch enemy die

Tank Destroyers- sit in bush and snipe

Fav tanks: Tier Xs

Tanks in garage: T57 Heavy, Batchat 25t, IS-7, FV215b (183), T-62A, T1, T26E4, TeaCup. T34, KV-1S, KV-2

Mods UsedEdit

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod

Main Crosshair:


Personal lifeEdit

Studying in Nanyang Poly in singapore age 18. I watch alot of animes and i collect figures as a hobby. If u wana platoon with me just send me an invite.